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Hi, I’m Janice ChanJanice Chan, SHIFT+SCAFFOLD; photo by Brooke Saias

Originally from New York, I arrived south of the Mason-Dixon Line via St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Post-graduation, I served a year as an AmeriCorps*VISTA before officially joining the nonprofit sector. After several years working in development and gaining experience in marketing, communications, proposal writing, project management, event planning, volunteer management, and data management, I switched gears and put these skills to use in program/curriculum development before mixing it up again as a technical trainer.

But I haven’t been bouncing around: I have always been trying to solve the problem of getting information that exists to the people who need it, when they need it, and in a manner in which they can use it—while aiming for a positive user experience on the front end. I have always been working at the intersections of social good, communications, and technology—because this is where solving information challenges can be most impacted as well as have the most impact.

My approach in problem solving is guided by who will need the information, and the context within which they will be using it. I’ve been a professional communicator for far too long not to know that output is meaningless if the message is not received as intended. Of the hats I’ve worn, solving information challenges is my favorite.

I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland, but enjoy having conversations with people all over the world thanks to the interwebs. In addition to creative problem solving, I enjoy traveling, making playlists, reading, and taking photos of reflections and interesting angles.