Hi, I’m Janice Chan (she/her), and I’m a coach and consultant for people solving problems in their communities. 

I work with teams and leaders who have outgrown their operating systems, and I help them redesign how they work in ways that align with their mission and values and how they want to grow.

Working with me

Here’s how I operate, what clients have said about working with me, and what else I bring to my work.

How I operate

Agency, clarity, and connection are guiding principles in my work. Regardless of what we work on together, my goal is always that you come away better equipped to rise to future challenges.

As a consultant, I take a service design approach to solving problems. This means I start by making sense of the context. I look at the whole stack, from touchpoints and business processes to systems and all the people who make things happen. I often draw to facilitate conversations across boundaries, looking always to bridge the gaps and to map towards clarity. However, as I work on services and changes that you will need to implement after our engagement ends, this type of work requires commitment and participation from team members throughout the duration of the project. A successful project is one where I have partnered with a client to create value for individuals, for organizations, and—through building a client’s capacity to advance the mission—for society.

In coaching, you lead where we go in terms of what you need and what your goals are. It’s a disservice to you if I do the thinking, although I won’t withhold knowledge.  

I strive to work with people and design in ways that are inclusive, equitable, human-centered, trauma-informed, and that take systems and context into consideration.

What it’s like to work with me

“She used an inclusive approach that included staff, supporting their understanding of information management and increasing a sense of ownership and responsibility for our system.

In addition, she was warm and easy to work with. She asked the right questions and an end product that is both clear but also flexible enough to change as we need it to. It’s amazing how many fewer ‘clicks’ I have to make to get the info I need! I would readily work with Janice again and highly recommend her if you want your information system to make sense!”

– Carol Cheney, CEO, The Collins Foundation

“At each meeting she brought forth the most valuable focus for my needs and continued to expertly refine our approach as the project evolved.”

– Diana Rojek-Skonnord, Development Data Manager, East Bay Community Foundation

Next steps

It’s okay if you’re not sure whether you’re interested in coaching or consulting or whether we’re even a fit. During a 45-minute conversation (via video-optional call), I’ll ask questions about your goals and context, with the aim of understanding the shape of your challenge and how I might be able to help you. Please bring any questions you have as well. If I don’t think I’m the right fit for what you need, I’ll let you know and try to point you towards a resource or connect you with someone who can help. However, if we both feel we are a good match after our initial conversation, I’ll work with you to outline the specifics of how we might work together in a proposal, and then we can take it from there.


I have spent 17+ years as a technologist in the nonprofit and public interest space. I cut my teeth at a small (when I started) to mid-sized (when I left) nonprofit with a national reach. I’ve done everything from volunteer and events management to communications and grant writing, from data governance and knowledge management to instructional design and project management. I’ve also worked with startups, government agencies, and large institutions. Not content with my on-the-job experience, I also have a master’s degree in information management, with a focus on user experience, and I am a certified Project Management Professional.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, trying new food, building community, and 日本語を勉強すること(studying Japanese). I am a New Yorker who lived in Baltimore, Maryland, for 15 years, and I am currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Check out my LinkedIn profile or read about some of the past work I’ve done.

Let’s talk

E-mail me with the information below to help get the conversation started, and I’ll reach back out to set up a time to connect. This initial conversation will help us figure out whether we are the right partners for your particular challenge.

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