Hi, I’m Janice Chan (she/her), and I’m a facilitator, coach, and organizational alignment consultant. 

I help small and mighty teams to collaborate more effectively by aligning their processes, programs, governance, and infrastructure to their mission, their theory of change, and their realities. I work with leaders at all levels to build their capacity to create and maintain such alignment through one-on-one coaching. And I facilitate meaningful and fruitful conversations to help groups get on the same page.

Why you might hire me

Here are a few examples of the types of problems I can help with:

    • Our processes are really frustrating, and we know things could be better, but we’re not sure where to begin.
    • We’re starting a new program, or making some changes, and we’re not sure what we need to think about to implement it successfully.
    • We formed a cross-functional team for this project, which is great for the diverse skillsets, but we find we’re having some difficulty communicating with each other and ensuring we’re working towards the same goals.
    • I’m under a lot of pressure to meet the board’s performance objectives and having difficulty prioritizing where to spend my time.
    • My manager, while supportive, does not have expertise in my areas of responsibility.  I am seeking an experienced advisor on some of my projects and/or guidance on professional development.  

Ready to talk? Let’s schedule a 30-minute conversation, at no cost to you, to discuss your challenge and see if we may be a good fit.  If so, I’ll work with you to create a plan based on your goals.  (Or read more about the types of coaching I offer, if you already know that’s what you’re seeking.)

And if you’re not sure whether any of those truly do sound like you because you’re not sure exactly how to describe your current challenge, I’d be happy to chat and help you find the language or even someone else if I’m not the right person. 


My mission in life is to increase agency and reduce frustration through clarity, connection, access, and usability.  I translate my experience as a technologist, community builder, and educator into inclusive programs and team operating systems. People often ask me to make sense of complex processes or ambiguous environments. Teams trust me to align structure and workflows with stakeholder needs and business goals.  If we’re working together, you’ll always know what’s happening.  Those who have worked with me in the past often try to hire me back or recruit me when they’ve moved onto their next organizations.

I approach problem solving through a service design lens.  This means that I define success as where the goals of all stakeholders (clients, participants, supporters, employees, the business, the community) cross paths.  This also means that I take a holistic approach to designing solutions by starting from the desired outcomes and ensuring that everything needed to achieve those outcomes is in place and in alignment from end-to-end and top-to-bottom.

However, I bring my broad range of experience to each challenge and context.

What’s in my stack?

    • Facilitation
    • Project management (I’m a PMP!)
    • UX research
    • Information architecture
    • Service design and UX strategy
    • Knowledge management
    • Data management and governance
    • Instructional design
    • Teaching and coaching
    • Program development and evaluation
    • Volunteer management
    • Event planning
    • Community management
    • Visual communications (process mapping, sketchnoting)
    • Writing and developmental editing
    • Customer service

From time to time, I am available for longer term collaborations, so if you’re looking to add someone with these skillsets to your team, please check out my portfolio.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, taking pictures of my cat, making playlists, eating new foods, and 日本語を勉強する(studying Japanese).

Let’s talk

E-mail me with the information below to help get the conversation started, and I’ll reach back out to set up a time to connect. This initial conversation will help us figure out whether we are the right partners for your particular challenge.

    • Name
    • Organization and role
    • Time zone you’re located in
    • Brief description of the challenge you’d like help with