Privacy Policy

As of May 17, 2024


We want to make it easy for you to understand what information we collect from you, what we do with it, and how you can request access to this information.

If you have questions about this policy, you can contact us at

We collect as little information from you as possible for a specific and identifiable purpose, and then we commit to using this information only in the way we have specified. When you visit this site or engage as a client, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and the collection and use of information identified in this policy.

What information we collect

When you visit our website

We use Jetpack website analytics, which uses your IP address and information from your computer (“cookies”) to track what you visit and how long you stay on our website. In addition, we may connect different “sessions” together (e.g., we can tell that the person who looked at our website last week also visited the website this week). Jetpack’s website analytics gives us some other basic information like your general location, device type, browser, and how you got to the website. We don’t connect your name or identity to your website activity, nor are we able to see names or IP addresses.

When you participate in coaching, events, programs, or other services

We collect personally identifiable information like your name, contact information, organization affiliation, and more. We may also ask for demographic information like your race, gender identity, age, etc. We track sessions you participate in and record notes about your participation in each session.

When you pay us money

We store your name, email address, and any other information you give us to complete the transaction. We use third-party tools to process credit card and bank transactions, so we don’t store (and we can’t see) your credit card number or similar financial information.

How we collect information

Website information is collected either automatically or when you fill out forms on our website.

Information related to your participation in coaching, events, programs, or other services is collected via email, online forms, and on video or audio calls. We follow a trauma-informed approach to data collection. We try to explain why we ask for certain information and avoid asking sensitive questions via email or online forms.

If you feel uncomfortable when giving us information, please contact our privacy advocate, Janice Chan, at

How we protect you and your data

We make an effort to only ask and record personally identifiable information as is needed to deliver our services and to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations. We also make efforts to collect, store, and process data in a manner that keeps your data safe, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing or access, and against accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

If you have any concerns about providing any specific information to us, please reach out to our privacy contact below.

Your rights

We believe that information about you belongs to you. However, we are also required by the government and some professional governing bodies to record and keep some information, such as regarding financial transactions and hours/types of work completed and for whom. We try to balance these as best we can.

While you do not have the right to request the deletion of any information we may be legally required to keep, you can request a copy and request that we update any incorrect information.

Who you can talk to

Our privacy contact is Janice Chan, who can be reached at

How we use your information

We take steps to limit access to information only to people who need it.

Website data is used only for internal planning and operations, marketing, and to deliver services.

Information regarding paid contractual work (e.g., dates, hours, scope of work, client names, contact information) and financial transactions (e.g., dates, amounts, payee names) are used for delivering services, internal planning and operations, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Otherwise, information collected or produced in relation to services provided is generally used for internal planning and operations and to deliver those services.

Information specifically collected or produced via coaching

The content of coaching sessions will be held confidential. Any notes or documentation may only be accessed by the coach or that individual client. The coach requests to be able to, on occasion, share information with peers in order to meet the client’s goals more effectively or for professional development, but would share no personally identifying information in these situations. However, the client may opt out by informing the coach and this request will be honored without any changes to the coaching relationship. The only situation where the coach will break this confidentiality is if the coach becomes aware that the client may be a danger to themselves or to others (in which case the coach will contact the appropriate authorities), if there is illegal or criminal activity, or if the coach is required by law, statute, lawfully issued subpoena or court order to disclose.

The coach is or may be engaged in training and continuing education pursuing and/or maintaining International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials, which is a process that requires the names and contact information of all coaching clients for verification by the ICF. If you pay for and/or participate in coaching, all parties consent to the disclosure by the coach of only the sponsor (if applicable) and client names, contact information, and start and end dates of the coaching services to the ICF only for purposes of verifying the coaching relationship. No personal notes or other personal information will be shared.

Information collected or produced via consulting or other services

The content of consulting or other services will be held confidential. Any notes or documentation may only be accessed by the consultant(s) and the client(s). The consultant requests to be able to, on occasion, share information with peers in order to meet the client’s goals more effectively or for professional development, but would share no personally identifying information in these situations. However, the client may opt out by informing the lead consultant and this request will be honored. Any documents or information (that are not publicly available) to which the client has provided the consultant with access to for the purposes of delivering services will also be kept confidential. The consultant reserves the right to adapt and reuse the templates of deliverables provided (with all organization-specific or identifying information removed) and to share these publicly.

How long we keep your data

We try to delete data once it is no longer needed but are subject to several laws and requirements regarding data retention. Most financial data are kept for at least seven years after your last interaction with us. Records of coaching engagements are kept for the duration needed for pursuing and maintaining credentials.

Ways we use automated decision-making

We do not make any coaching or consulting decisions using algorithms or machine learning. All decisions about services we provide to you are made by a person.

How we update this policy

We may update this occasionally. We’ll keep it up to date on our website. When we change the policy, if you have given us permission to email you, then we may also use those to notify you of significant changes.

This policy was adapted from a template created by NTEN.