Design for programs and operations

At the organizational level, I help teams redesign services – whether these are programs for the community or internal services for team members. Here are some examples of when it might make sense for us to work together:

  • You’re seeking to scale or standardize a program you’ve been piloting.
  • You want to improve or build out your onboarding, your information management, or the systems and workflows through which your staff collaborate every day.
  • You’re stuck in the hamster wheel of constantly applying bandages to the same set of problems in your program or operations, and you know people are frustrated, but you’re not sure exactly what changes are needed or where to start.

I can lead or facilitate the discovery and design for what you deliver and how you collaborate moving forward. Specifically, I work with teams who care about how people experience working with and within their organizations and who are interested in aligning their backend operations to prioritize centering those most impacted.

Teaming up

From time to time, I am available for longer term collaborations as a service designer, design researcher, information architect, or instructional designer. If your agency works on program design or employee experience for NGOs or in the public sector, or if your organization builds public interest technology, and you’re seeking to add these skillsets to your project team, please reach out.

Areas of expertise

I have a broad range of experience and skillsets as relate to nonprofit operations and how people use technology, but my core areas of expertise are knowledge management and human-centered design (usability and service design). In particular, I am skilled at identifying organizational dynamics that are at odds with organizational goals, at making information/knowledge usable across organizational boundaries, and at operationalizing strategies in a values-aligned manner.

In addition, I value accessibility and trauma-informed care, and I work to learn more about how to ensure I work in ways aligned with my values.

Outside of scope

Also, here is a list of things I do not do (or no longer do), so that we may both be respectful of each other’s time:

  • Website and UI design
  • Automation
  • Data analysis or data visualization
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Communications and freelance writing

That being said, if you’re unsure, feel free to reach out for a chat. If it turns out not to be a fit, I will see if I can point you towards a resource or connect you with someone who can help.