Here are some examples of the types of projects I’ve worked on.

Designing the Volunteer Mentor Experience

I helped a Baltimore-based nonprofit to review and improve their volunteer program, with the goal of keeping mentors engaged over time while ensuring that mentoring was valuable for both volunteers and participants.  After conducting research with the volunteers, program participants, and staff, I facilitated two workshops with the team to co-design the ideal mentor experience and identify what was needed in process, resources, and infrastructure.  This helped us create a future state blueprint and a roadmap to get there. 

Read the case study for “Designing the Mentor Experience” on my personal portfolio site.

Process Mapping Workshop to Design the Grants Pipeline Workflow

Visual representation of process mapping showing start and end and incorporating a swim lane diagram to show who needs to complete which tasks and their sequence

Another Baltimore-based nonprofit had been growing their team and adjusting their grants strategy, as well as the roles and division of responsibilities among team members.  I led a process mapping workshop to help them design a process for building a grants pipeline while leveraging a newly expanded, cross-functional team.

Streamlining Onboarding

current state service blueprint of an onboarding process showing inefficiencies

Within the 500+ person fundraising department for a large university and medical institution, onboarding for new hires often varied not only by division or business unit, but also by role (e.g., supervisory, gift officer, IT, etc.).  Training plans were sometimes separate from other new employee checklists, and these were organized by the office that was responsible rather than from the new hire’s perspective.  I consolidated a number of overlapping and sometimes duplicative PDF onboarding plans into a single digital onboarding checklist organized by the recommended timing, by role, and by division.

Curriculum Development

I led the expansion of afterschool youth development curriculum from a 12-week to 12-month program, including research and content development, as well as project management and distribution.  Topics for curriculum materials I developed included anti-bullying, civics, leadership, STEM careers, elementary math, and adaptive sports.

Teaching / Speaking / Writing

Selected courses, talks, and publications:


More case studies are available via my personal portfolio